Our Winery Name

When we purchased our winery in 2003 from the Serwo family,  it came with a vineyard, a winery, and a name: Golden Mile Cellars. Since then, we came to understand the significance and value that the term Golden Mile Bench has to the wineries located along Highway 97, between Fairview and Road 18. This combined with the continual questioning from Walter Gehringer, “When are you changing the name of the winery?” led us to do just that.

Road 13 is the location of our winery and three of our vineyard sites: the Home, the Castle and Peter's Vineyard. Our land was first cultivated in the early 1920s, when BC premier Honest John Oliver turned the area into rich farmland by constructing an irrigation canal from Okanagan Falls. In addition to marking a new era of creating terroir-driven wines, our name change also provides an opportunity to give the name “Golden Mile” back to the wine industry in this region with the hope that we can all work together to promote the unique farming history and spectacular growing conditions of our area. Special thanks go to David Scholefield for pointing us in this new direction. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious and we just couldn’t say no. Who better to share a mug of wine with!

We also wish to thank Peter and Helga Serwo who taught us a lot about vines and farming amid the confusion of new science and technology. They instilled into us the idea to not discard tried and true practices, and to listen to nature. We are eternally grateful for the care and attention they paid to the site that, after decades, is now ours. We hope that with our new direction we will do them proud.


Pam and Mick Luckhurst